Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of our frequently asked questions, we hope you find them useful! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

A departure board is a combination of hardware and software that enables you to show live train departures to your customers. We ship you a small hardware device that you simply connect to an existing TV or monitor. Once connected, your customers can see live train departures from a station of your choice.

We get our train departure information from the same source as the in-station departure boards. So in short, pretty accurate! Our departure boards allow your customers to enjoy your facilities, safe in the knowledge they can keep an eye on live, accurate train departure information.

It all depends on how busy your local train station is! We aim to show the next 20 departures from any configured train station. If your local train station isn't very busy, then you may see less!

We provide the hardware, and the software. You just need to provide power, an internet connection, and a screen. We can even help you with a screen if necessary!

We want to help you attract and retain customers, so we'll get moving as soon as you place an order. You should allow 5 working days for your hardware device to arrive, but we'll aim to be quicker!